Easy Entertaining with Style

Ever wonder how people who seem so good at hospitality do it? They prepare good food, they keep it simple, and they do it with you in mind.

Food. Entertainment really is built around food. And if anything is all the rage right now, its charcuterie boards. Adaptable to truly any style of food and any time of year, charcuterie boards are all about tasteful presentation and big variety. Try Mediterranean, Mexican or even barbecue. The sky’s the limit. Look up the endless great arrangements on YouTube or Pinterest—just be sure to include enough variety in your arrangement for any possible preferences coming through your door.

Simple. Don’t think prepared means going overboard, either. Keep the theme simple. Maybe you’re having someone over for New Year’s Eve. While people are eating, encourage them to think of the funniest story of being cooped up together during quarantine and one big blessing they can count from the previous year. Or have a simple group game like Scattergories or charades ready to suggest if there’s a lull in the conversation.

About you. Finally, good entertainment means tailoring things to the people in the house. That could mean dragging out old pictures of them when they were young or just playing music that you know they like. People like to be catered to—so have some things ready that tells your guests, subtly, that you were thinking about them before they showed up. It will make the evening even more fun and leave them feeling special all at the same time.