Finding the Home That Makes Your Heart Go Pitter-Patter

Home buyers – what would make you fall in love with a home? Although most home buyers say that when they see it, they’ll know, what they may not see is that they can get to that point quicker by creating a love-list.

Do you crush on mid-century modern architecture? Does your heart sing for a fenced-in backyard? Is there a specific neighborhood that sets you aflame? Your love-list should reflect both your must-haves for a love connection with a new home, as well as your “would-be-nices” which are a bonus in the homeowner relationship.

One of the most overlooked items on a love-list is often the budget. Get pre-approved for a home loan to confidently fall in love with homes that you (and your bank) know you can purchase. Other items to consider are the number of rooms, fixer-uppers vs move-in ready homes, or what the neighborhood is like at different times of the day. In your heart can you see your family in this home?

Creating a love-list for your future home gives you a mental picture of it, before you all even meet. A home is the number one place you are going to have a relationship with for many years to come. Everyone has a list of must-haves for a future partner – why should a home be any different?