Gather: Holidays at Home

It’s true: There’s no place like home for the holidays. So, no matter how far away … 

Never mind. The important thing here is that being together for the holidays really does count. And if you have the space, maybe you could host the party!

Alright, maybe that doesn’t excite you. But it might very well excite the people coming into town to visit—uncles, aunts, cousins, kids, mom, dad. What, the whole gang is converging on your sweet, quiet home? You don’t say! Well …

Clear the decks. If you’re having people over, have them bring air mattresses if you don’t have beds for them to sleep in. Seriously. If the idea is togetherness, then forget the hotels and have them bunk down wherever there’s floor space—especially if they’re kids. 

Bring a dish to pass. Also, for the big holiday meal(s), have visitors bring something they like to cook. Aunt Susie’s oatmeal chocolate chip bars? Uncle Don’s honey ham? Cousin Jill’s au gratin potatoes? Bring ’em all. Yummers.

Life’s a game. And be prepared to entertain people who otherwise will be bored out of their skulls. Have people bring a white elephant gift (something someone thought was tasteful once but is clearly hideous) and then have everyone play a round-robin series of four board games. Create a point system for each. Whoever wins gets last pick in the steal-a-gift white elephant gift exchange. Loads of fun. Try it!