Looking to New Possibilities

Looking ahead (with great anticipation) to 2022, it’s time to set some bold but realistic goals that will poise you for new possibilities this year.

Make the list short. For the year, what are your top one or two goals? Buying a home? Saving enough for a down-payment? Paying off all your small debts? Whatever that list is, write it down and keep it to the top one or two items that, if accomplished by the end of 2022, will have made a huge difference in your life. Then, with calendar in hand, schedule the steps you need to take to incrementally achieve that goal: amount saved at the end of each week, amount paid toward that nagging credit card, number of houses visited, you name it.

Get some accountability. If you’re a couple, hold each other accountable and maybe even give yourself a small reward for meeting incremental monthly goals. Make achieving each small goal on your way to the big one worth something. If you’re single, let a close friend or family member in on the game and celebrate the mile markers!

Anticipate victory. Make it a point, on your calendar, to truly celebrate achieving your goal. Plan a party or an inexpensive mini-vacation as incentive for yourself, and again, celebrate the incremental advances toward that day.

Important goals are worth reaching. Make them achievable and dream big in 2022!