Ring in the New Year!

Looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style? Why not make it as fun and festive as you can with a small costume party with friends or family?

With costumes, you have an automatic way for everyone to make the celebration fun. You could make it a contest, with prizes for silliest costume, funniest 2021 statement or whatever fun character you want to be. The goal is to make yourself and everyone else laugh for a few hours as you say goodbye to what, for many, has been a very distressing year.

Of course, even with a small group, food makes the occasion. You can create a scrumptious charcuterie board or two with your favorite cheeses, deli meats, vegetables, breads and nuts. Cupcakes are easy to make, carry, eat and clean up, so try some of those, as well. 

Finally, music: Create a festive and cheery background playlist to stream on Bluetooth speaker for the entire length of your party. Jazz, classical, pop—whatever songs keep the mood light and energetic for your guests without drowning out conversation. 

When the ball drops, you and your small group of guests will be glad you got together to celebrate the end of a trying year and the hope and anticipation of what everyone wishes for: A joyous and blessed New Year.