Selling During the Holidays

Selling during the holidays—especially with housing stocks down as much as 40 percent in some markets—means that any well-kept property hitting the market is going to get immediate hits on the MLS and all the popular real estate websites.

To truly take advantage of this plum situation, make sure you secure a knowledgeable real estate agent who knows your market well enough to right-price your home precisely. Get your hoped-for price on the table, discuss the comparable homes in your area, talk over any needed repairs that will deliver the most return on your investment, and then list your home at that that magical price point that will instantly attract buying eyes but also deliver a price that will leave you satisfied at closing.

Right now, right-pricing your home shouldn’t be a tough job, because demand is still outpacing supply in most markets. That probably means being a little more optimistic about final closing price—many sellers this holiday season are seeing multiple offers within 24 hours of listing and offers thousands over asking price. Supplies are that tight.

So, do your homework, make sure your agent lists at the right price and be optimistic. You have indeed picked the most wonderful time of the year to sell your home this holiday season.