Staging to Sell

More than curb appeal, even more than price, the feel that someone gets when they first step into a home is probably the best hook you as a seller have when trying to lure a prospective buyer. And if that’s true, then staging your home can make the difference between selling your home right now and hoping for another prospect.

Clear the decks. When selling a home, your house really acts as its own showroom. So, when staging your home, begin by clearing every bit of clutter from every corner, every closet, every room. That may call for a lot of organizing at the outset; however, that organization effort creates a psychologically-pleasing walk-through process that puts visitors at ease and makes them feel like they’re walking through a well-kept, classy home. And they are—so make them feel that way.

Arrange mathematically. Part of that good vibe you’re trying to project has to do with symmetry. Arrange accessories like vases on tabletops, books on bookshelves and throw pillows on couches symmetrically—in pairs on either end or centered alone in the middle. That tight, organized look naturally appeals to the eye more than a lived-in, haphazard look.

Holiday touch. This time of year, add a bit of holiday flair to your home with a sprig of holly and a very neatly-decorated tree (with white lights). Make it tasteful, but make sure you have something to remind people that that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Staging can add value to your home and improve your chances of selling. So take the time and do it right. You won’t regret it!