Winter Curb Appeal

With winter cold, frost and snow, curb appeal can suffer. But you don’t have to let it. In fact, the holidays offer what other times of the year do not—a chance to truly brighten up your curb appeal with decorations that lend all the cheer and joy of Christmas. 

Light it up. With Christmas upon us, get those lights out and up (if you haven’t already). Icicles, wrap-around-the-tree lights, (tasteful) holiday inflatables and warmly lit holiday signs all tell visitors walking or driving by, “Hello! Happy Holidays!” In addition, your light display naturally brightens up what is otherwise a gray or brown yard because your shrubs and lawn all have gone dormant (as they should).

Ornamental decorations. In addition to lights, garlands, buntings, artificial greenery and even (again, tasteful) holiday lawn animals can lend a truly festive air to your yard. Try one or two stick-built deer on the lawn or maybe some red Christmas bows hung from the eves of your house and entryway. Keep it simple and bright, but make it worth taking a second look!

Clean cut. One other hint: Make sure all those leaves and sticks your trees have shed get picked up regularly. As trees shed their final foliage of the fall, those sticks and leaves can pile up. Keeping your lawn free and clear makes a much better impression this time of year. 

Don’t let your curb appeal suffer. The holidays offer a great chance to give viewers some holiday cheer instead!